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Newland Drinkware (Newlfield Inc)

Vacuum Wine Stopper/ Saver

Vacuum Wine Stopper/ Saver

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The Newland Drinkware Wine Saver is the ultimate solution to preserve the flavour and freshness of your favourite wines. Meticulously crafted with precision and innovation, this sleek and compact device revolutionizes how you enjoy your wine, ensuring every sip is as delightful as the first.

The Newland Drinkware Wine Saver utilizes advanced vacuum technology to remove air from opened wine bottles, preventing oxidation and preserving the wine's taste and aroma for days. Say goodbye to wasted wine and hello to extended enjoyment, as this innovative gadget keeps your wine tasting as vibrant as when you first uncorked it.

With its user-friendly design, the Wine Saver is effortless to use. Simply place the device over the bottleneck, press the button to create a vacuum seal, and voila! Your wine is securely preserved and ready to be savoured at your leisure. Its compact size makes it perfect for home use, dinner parties, or even outdoor gatherings, ensuring you never have to compromise on the quality of your wine.

Experience the convenience and luxury of the Newland Drinkware Wine Saver, the must-have accessory for every wine enthusiast. Elevate your wine-drinking experience and indulge in every glass confidently, knowing your wine is always at its best.

  • Effortless to Use, Keeps Wine Fresh Longer - Place a vacuum wine stopper on the bottle and push several times to create a tight seal. The air will be extracted from the wine, minimizing wine oxidation, preserving the wine's flavour, and keeping it tasting fresh.
  • Durability and Sleek Design - The Wine Stopper is made with high-quality food-grade silicone inside and food-grade ABS outside. Its sleek, contemporary design makes it a perfect addition to kitchens, bars, and wine racks.
  • Date Stamp Feature - This wine bottle stopper creates an airtight seal that prevents leaks or spills. Rotate the top of the wine stopper to record the date to keep a record of wine freshness.
  • A Thoughtful Gift - Perfect gift for entertaining or personal use at home. This wine stopper is fantastic for all celebratory events and makes an excellent gift for all wine lovers.
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